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Frey-Fil kicks off 25th anniversary celebration

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

More than 200 participants gathered for the much-anticipated joint anniversary celebration event held at the U.P. Diliman Amphitheater, Quezon City.

Francis Frederic H. Cruz, Chairman of the EAC Group of Companies welcomed the participants on July 14 at the amphitheater by telling them that “this celebration more than anything is to celebrate the people who are making it possible for us to reach these milestones.” It was clear right from the beginning that the event was more than just celebrating milestones and the gathering more than anything will not be made possible without the hard working men and women of the companies who serves as the backbone of these organizations, added the chairman during his opening message.

The event started with the parade of employees from Frey-Fil Corporation, Filmetrics Corporation and Affiliates with their respective colored tees and headlined by their banners.

“Milestones namely the 25th Anniversary of Frey-Fil Corporation and the 10th Anniversary of Filmetrics Corporation are just few of the milestones we are celebrating. Let these milestones serve as a reminder for us to look back on all the trials, hardships and sacrifices

we went through, to all the people we have encountered and worked with along the way to what we have achieved to bring us where we are right now and where we should bring ourselves in the next 25 years,” said the chairman.

Mr Cruz said the kick-off event was part of 2019’s “grand celebration” of the 25th anniversary of Frey-Fil Corporation among others.

“In the next month or so, we join our hearts and voices in thanking those who came before us and the Lord for the chance to celebrate these milestones,” added the chairman.

Celebration begun right after the Oath of Sportsmanship led by Mr Arturo S. Samia Jr., S.V.P. for Finance and Corporate Services followed by the lightning of torch. Exciting fun and games were held at the venue, participants from different companies were divided into 15 teams consisting of 6 to 7 members. Each team had to hurdle 15 thrilling games where they showcased cooperation, camaraderie and teamwork in order to win. Games that were played includes Pass the Charades, Paper Blow, Lift, Pass the Shirt, Hula Hoop, Tri-Puzzle, Pingpong Relay, Flip the Tela, Dyaryo Tour, Lava Karton, Ballon Worm, Paper Airplane, Human Centipede, Pipe and All together.

The winning groups were announced right after the games and participants were all treated with gifts and surprises followed shortly by the declaration of opening let by Mr Sol Ignacio, consultant for EAC Group of Companies who also facilitated the ceremonial toss of ball to officially start the festivities.

In the next following weeks, series of event will take place starting with the EAC Group Sportsfest. This event is a perfect opportunity to highlight camaraderie, sportsmanship and talent. It also aims to showcase the competitive spirits of everyone, were strategy, cooperation and teamwork will be put to test and how each team will outrun, outwit and outplay each other. Games that will be played are basketball, volleyball, badminton and bowling were employees from different companies will battle it out to win games and ultimately bring home the big trophy and the championship from each sport.

Also present during the kick-off event were employees and executives from the AFFILIATES Group which includes alinDE Corp., BBGI, Fil-Geosolutions, TOPCruz, Geo Prime and Filmetrics Corporation.

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